About Bayti Home Healthcare

Focuses on delivering unparalleled medical and nursing care at the comfort of its patients’ homes since 2013.


We are committed to provide hope, care and recovery after illness or injury and whenever there is a need to regain strength to allow clients to function to their best quality of life possible.

Code of Ethics

We serve the people and the community in our utmost capability. Maintain all core values in the delivery of quality healthcare services, a commitment that Bayti Home Healthcare upholds.


We aim to achieve our mission of advocacy by working through the integration of the most advanced trends in medical technology with highly trained Home Healthcare professionals.


“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well – being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

– World Health Organization, 1948

Our Patient is our Primary Concern

Bayti Home healthcare focuses on delivering unparalleled medical and nursing care at the comfort of its patients’ home. It is for people who need simple, acute, end-of-life, rehabilitation, maintenance and long term care assistance to remain independent at home. In its mission statement, it aims to be the top active home healthcare provider in the community, offering a comprehensive range of services to its patients.

We provide comprehensive care

We have a brilliant team of compassionate and professional healthcare providers who deliver safe and quality care giving peace of mind to you and your loved ones. We provide comprehensive care with medical guidance and support for a variety of needs including complex and chronic conditions.

With respectful, compassionate, caring and efficient, value-driven professionals, it is our goal to provide outstanding home healthcare services.

It is Bayti Home healthcare’s vision to have the highest quality of care in the field of home healthcare, equipped with compassionate, competent and ethically well-mannered professionals promoting health, well-being and independence. Bayti is working hard to achieve its vision to become a regional provider with JCI accreditation.