Patient Support

Our Specialists can provide the following support services depending on custom-designed support programs:

Highlight the importance of complying with a prescribed treatment regimen.

Follow up on patient status, check for treatment adherence and monitoring

Interaction with the treating physician about the patient's status

Follow up with insurance approvals Electronic documentation and data collection

Explain to patients about the medication regimen as prescribed by the treating physician

Educate patients about their disease and its symptoms

Timely feedback on patients’ progress in order to improve physician/patient alignment and disease outcomes

Calls/ SMS reminders to comply with the injection schedule

Educate patients about their medication and how the medicine should be stored and kept

Follow-up calls to provide psychological support

Home visits by licensed healthcare professionals for the education and/ or administration of the medication

Ensure Timely Medication Delivery in Patient's Home Location

For any inquiries, you may call our customer service hotline at: 800 9955  or simply book a free consultation and we will be very glad to assist you.