I have proudly worked at  Bayti Home Health Care for six years as a Patient Affairs Team Leader. Throughout this period, we faced various challenges, including shifts in the Daman system and changing DOH regulations. Nevertheless, our commitment to our patients’ satisfaction never wavered. We consistently delivered exceptional service and experience. Additionally, I also contributed to the company by acquiring new patients.

While at  Bayti Home Health Care, I have had the opportunity to experience significant professional growth. Starting as a Patient Experience Coordinator, my role involved direct patient interaction, ensuring their needs were met, and promptly addressing any concerns, enabling me to develop essential skills such as effective communication and problem-solving. Over time, I honed these skills to excellence, leading to my current role as a Team Leader. This journey not only strengthened my expertise but also provided me with valuable experience in the healthcare sector. Additionally, through a combination of personal effort and company support, I have continuously advanced my career, evolving and progressing in ways that have enhanced my professional journey.

In my time at  Bayti Home Health Care, I’ve had the privilege to work with a supportive management team that believes in fostering our professional growth. They provide guidance and opportunities for us to develop our skills, helping us reach our full potential. Additionally, my team and colleagues have contributed to a positive work environment characterized by teamwork and a spirit of collaboration. Together, we create an atmosphere that encourages mutual support and helps us overcome challenges effectively.