Experience the science of healing and the art of caring in the comfort of your home. We are committed in providing utmost quality homecare physical therapy services

We offer a wide range of advance therapeutic homecare Physiotherapy services dedicated to managing patients of various conditions, physical impairments, or movement-related functional limitations and disabilities and assisting them to reach their maximum functional outcome.

We are committed in providing utmost quality homecare physical therapy services through competent and highly qualified staff in rendering unequaled service with compassionate care and cost effective treatment to our valued patients. We envision to be the center of excellence in Homecare Physiotherapy services throughout the region by continuing our commitment in providing the highest quality programs.


We cater to those who cannot, or find it difficult to attend a physiotherapy treatment due to their condition or social situation, or when it is more appropriate to see them at home.

Total Knee Replacements

Here at  Bayti Physiotherapy we aim at preventing hazards of bedrest, assist with adequate functional ROM passively with the Knee CPM machine and actively during exercises with emphasis on strengthening knee musculature to obtain independent activities of daily living especially walking.

Total Hip Replacements

To help strengthen your hip joint after a hip replacement, it is recommended that you do small exercises such as contracting and releasing the muscles in your legs and buttocks, and ankle pumps. Also, it is very important that you restrict movement in your hips. As your  Bayti Physiotherapist we will discuss these movements with you.

Sports Injury Rehab

The goal in sports injury rehabilitation is simple: get the athlete back to his or her game as soon as possible which include safety long-term health of the athlete. The Physiotherapists at  Bayti Home Healthcare are dedicated professionals with advanced training in evaluation and management of sports injuries.

For any inquiries, you may call our customer service hotline at: 800 9955  or simply book a free consultation and we will be very glad to assist you.